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Given the ever-increasing advances in technology and the urgent need for cross-border barter trade and the development of e-commerce in an integrated world, Eurasia Trade Leadership Fartak Company, with the mission of "Easy Business without Borders" and with the slogan "The Future of Trade, the World Without Borders" As a facilitator and adviser in foreign and domestic business, facilitation and acceleration of business in different sectors were established as specialized departments with the help of experienced and educated personnel with the aim of providing new methods and appropriate professional and professional services. . Managers of this company are active in the field of foreign trade and domestic business while recognizing the domestic and international market and having partners, joint offices, branches and agents in cities and countries are ready to supply a variety of goods, raw materials, machinery and Provide any commercial and commercial advice and services. Centralized management, expert and experienced staff, strong communication, information capability, using the latest current and current rules of commerce and customs, and in parallel with the use of experts in the banking industry, insurance, transportation and commercial rights, enabled the group to Good and in the shortest time to cover any commercial operations. One of the success stories of FARATAK TRADE is the speed, accuracy, honesty in all executive operations, as well as providing the most suitable solutions for maintaining the economic interests of the customers who have the honor of working with them. Therefore, Fartak Trade Group with offices in The countries of Iran (Tehran, Qom), China, UAE and Turkey can make business and business affairs easy for the respectable customers.

Our Expert Team

An expert team with an experienced team always with you to meet your needs

Mohammad Teymori

CEO & Founder

International Commercial Management & DBA

Mehdi Moghenian

Developer Marketing Manager

Management & MBA

Parvaneh Karami

Commercial Manager

English Licence & MBA

Ehsan Moradi

Graphic Designer

Software Engineering

Mohammad Zare

IT Manager

Software Engineering

Zahra Ranjbar

Import and Export Expert

Business Management

Javad Ragheb

Export Expert

Business Management

Hamid Farjami

Export Expert

Business Management

Morteza Teymori

Export Expert

Business Management